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Alliance of beauty and relaxation, the manicure is the care that puts everyone in agreement. The nails are cared for, the skin hydrated, hands sublimated. Speaking to both women and men, it is still as successful in beauty salons. But what does it really consist of? What are the steps of a manicure? And the benefits? We answer all the questions right here!


What is a manicure?

Americans are known for their special care in their beauty. It is now part of the beauty care most practiced institute! But in 2019 it is also possible to do it by yourself ! 
It is simply a matter of bringing to the nails, but also to the hands, all the care necessary for their brilliance and beauty.

How is a manicure session?

A manicure session always begins with a thorough cleaning of the hands . If the nails are varnished, the beautician takes the time to remove it with a mild solvent. Then, the care can begin. It is then a question of filing the nails with the aid of a file, in order to standardize their size, as well as their form.Round, square, long or short ... it's up to you! 
The surface of the nails is then smoothed with a polisher . To facilitate the next step, namely removal of cuticles , the beautician most often uses an emollient product, usually a thick cream. The application is relaxing since it is done by a gentle massage on the cuticles, in order to soften and remove them more easily. The manicure ends with the application of a protective oil , and sometimes by the application of a transparent base or the application of a nail polish .



The manicure does not always include a nail polish

Indeed, during a manicure session, the application of varnish is not always understood . Sometimes institutes only offer a transparent base to protect the nail. But as a rule, a classic nail polish is still included, and the choice of color is yours.

What are the differences between a simple manicure and a complete manicure?

The complete manicure perfectly combines relaxation and beauty. Indeed, it is much more relaxing than the simple manicure, which only beautifies the nails. The simple manicure is therefore simply a filing, polishing and removal of cuticles. While the complete manicure also includes: a hand care with scrub, massage and moisturizing mask .

What benefits do you expect from a manicure?

The manicure protects the nails. It is ideal for people with fragile, damaged and brittle nails. It helps to make them sharp and bright, but also to bring to your hands the dose of hydration they lack in everyday life. Because the beauty also passes by pretty hands soft and neat.

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