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Poly gel how to use

First step:

1. Clean and disinfect hands.
2. Remove dead skin.
3. File the surface of the nail to remove the shine of the nail and remove the dust
with a brush.
4. Apply Base Coat to the nail with a pad to clean the nail and remove
poly gel

Poly gel:

1. Take a Polygel tube of the desired color. We propose 3.
2. Squeeze the tube to pull out a small ball.
3. With the brush-spatula, cut the ball.
4. Then roll the Polygel on the capsule and then scrape the spatula on the capsule to
drop the Polygel.
5. Lightly dip the brush into the Slip Solution, then work the Polygel
pressing it from the middle to the ends, in fits and starts.
6. Place the capsule on your nail and press firmly.
7. Dry under the UV lamp for 30 seconds or between 10 and 15 minutes in the air
You can find a UV lamp both efficient and elegant on our site.
8. Carefully remove the capsule.
9. File the sides and end of the nail to sharpen the edges a little
10. File the top of the nail with a 180 grit sand block by movements
rounded, without pressing too much on the nail. The Polygel allows an almost perfect pose
first blow, reducing much the time of filing.
11. Install the desired varnish.

How to remove Poly Gel:

If the pose was done correctly, the Polygel will last about 3 weeks.
To remove it, here are two methods:
• soak your nails in acetone or solvent and then remove the Polygel gently.
• Simply file the Polygel.

Video Tutorial:

Where to find it:

You can find one of the best Poly Gel on the market in our nail art section.



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