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It’s important to start with a good foundation using the right kind of products.
  1. A good Shampoo and a conditionner that are designed to be lightweight so they won’t weigh down your curls, while still cleaning and nourishing your locks. 
  2. The next step would be to prep towel-dried hair with thermal protectant. 


Getting to Know Your Iron 

Tip: Your new MAGIC HAIR IRON is spring-loaded, so when you first grab your iron out of the heat sleeve, we recommend pulling it out in two parts: 

  1. When you first pull it out of the heat sleeve, pull it out a little bit
  2. Grab it at the bottom and then pull it out all the way so that when the iron opens it is a flawless transition.


Correctly Holding Your Iron

  1. Whenever you set your iron down, you want to set it with the guide side down on the countertop. When you pick it up with your right hand, your thumb will be automatically behind the power button. This is going to be your go-to hand position for both curling and straightening.
  2. Try to get into the habit of picking it up with just your fingertips instead of putting it in the palm of your hand and wrapping all of your fingers around it. This will help with your tension when curling.


Magic Hair Iron Heat Settings and Features

  1. When turning your iron on, click the power button.
  2. Click the power button on the inside of the iron to switch temperatures:
    • 1 light = 300°F
    • 2 lights = 325°F
    • 3 lights = 350°F
    • 4 lights = 375°F
    • 5 lights = 400°F
  • The Pro has temperature memory, so when you shut your iron off, the next time you use it, it’s going to remember the temperature you last used and start with that setting.
  • Your Pro also has an automatic shut-off feature. It is a motion activated shut-off so once your iron is not in use for 30 minutes, it will shut off automatically. It will not turn off while you’re using it! :)
  • When shutting of the iron, hold in the power button until the light turns off.

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