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Nail art

Today, having perfectly maintained nails is a beauty asset and for many a priority. French manicure, false nail pose and Nail Art, the art of decorating nails, have become essential for events as well as everyday life. That's why Onglemod offers everything you need to take care of your nails.

A perfect manicure

To be beautiful to the end of the nails, this is what offers you the practice of Nail Art. Partner of your manicures, this trend offers a very wide choice of varnishes and gels. So you have total freedom, you can opt for a traditional manicure, chic or trendy. Several complete ranges are proposed. Thanks to the UV gels, you can achieve a perfect French manicure or successfully pose your false nails. These gels are available in neutral or intense colors. Whether you have false nails or not, you will crack for varnish. The colors are declined to infinity! Atglemod has everything for nails , so you'll find the full range of Nail Art products at home, from the finest brushes to hand creams, solvents, files and other utensils.

Partner of Nail Art

Nail Art is a practice that has existed since the 13th century, but today enjoys incredible popularity. This art of decorating the nails requires the right material. All you need is available in beauty shops. To help you make the most beautiful creations, you will find a wide choice of varnishes and a multitude of ornaments such as glitter and decorative elements. Several tools are also offered as a full range of brushes with flat brushes and precision brushes. If you are new to Nail Art, these tools facilitate your learning with lots of brushes of all sizes to make sure you have the necessary, or rhinestone brushes.

Online or in store

Individuals and professionals will find everything they need by searching a little. On the internet and in beauty shops, you can easily find gels, varnishes, ornaments, utensils, UV lamps and even milling machines. The collections are renewed regularly and the novelties can rejoice us.

For every customer to be satisfied, online vendors even now offer online support, secure payment and the possibility of being reimbursed or exchange products so that everyone finds happiness. Soon, we will even see beauty advisors offer their tips through cats to make your life more beautiful, and the nails too!

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